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Allans 15th Jul, 2011+0
Please advise if this is a legitimate hpone call...i was told i owed $848.38 in outstanding loans which does not seem correct.
kccc 13th Jul, 2011+0
I filed a BK last year and this capital one credit card was wiped off now my BK was dismissed and they are hounding me to pay them after I was in good standing with them and they refused to accept payment due to the BK. Now my credit is messed up and they want their money. How can I stop them from calling.
Manas 13th Jul, 2011+0
They call me 3 times a day with no response. If you reject it, they will stay on the line to leave a voice mail of static. If you attempt to call back it claims the phone is not a working number. This is plain harassment, and if it continues, I will look to take legal action.
Sherryl 13th Jul, 2011+0
Received a call stating that I had received $7,00 in free grant $ from the Federal Govt. I was given an ID # of K5684.I called w/ no answer. They call back and wanted a security deposit of $199.00. When I said I had no $ they hung up. Both ppl spoke broken English.
bradley mark telquis 12th Jul, 2011+0
They want to talk to hausfrau.
Polly R. 10th Jul, 2011+0
There was a message on my answering machine from this number saying my name. When I called it back, I got the Louisville Bar Association.
malboi 9th Jul, 2011+0
call continuation from the caller stating, "this call is for,will accept".
sauk 7th Jul, 2011+0
Constant phone calls
STELLA 6th Jul, 2011+0
Continues to call. I believe it is timeshare resale.
pooh 3rd Jul, 2011+0
Called asking for my wife by first name. Would not reveal why she was calling but said she was Penny. She asked if I was the husband . I refused any info until I know who she is and why she is calling. She ended the call.
John Smith 3rd Jul, 2011+0
Call from Platinum Security unsolicated.

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CityBainbridge Island
CarrierGlobal Crossing Local Services Inc - Wa